Guest Feature

Lorra Creations

Today I want to introduce you to the lovely Lorraine. She is the founder and maker behind a great small business, Lorra Creations. Lorraine is a 40 something wife and mother from Scotland. Crafting found Lorraine while she was in a dark place. After deciding that medicating was no longer for her she realised she needed something for her. We all need a little self-care sometimes and it is so important to remember!! Lorraine like myself found the much needed me time she needed at a local craft group. “Its a good stress relief for me, there is a good bunch of ladies who attend so sometimes we don’t get anything done because of all the laughing!!” More laughing always sounds like a winner to me.

Lorraine creates beautiful decoupage and personalised items for all occasions and celebrations. I love the attention to detail in every single piece and cannot wait to tell you more about Lorraine’s journey!

Around 5 years ago Lorraine started out making goodies for family and friends and as they were so well received they encouraged just enough for Lorra Creations to be born! “I decided to start up a Facebook page, I wasn’t expecting big things from it if i’m honest, as i’m always surprised when someone wants to actually buy something I’ve made.”

I absolutely love Lorraine’s personalised work and wanted to know if this was her main focus ” Yes I do a lot of personalised items, this is my main bulk of orders, it helps that I have my own silhouette portrait, so i’m able to offer this service.  I do a lot of custom orders as well again because I’m able to offer this due to my portrait.  A couple of years ago I started doing wedding signs, Mr&Mrs and Mrs&Mrs, I started doing these as themed signs which were really popular, but now a lot of the couples are looking for them to be personalised with their photos.  These look fantastic once completed and really are a labour of love, these signs can take up to 10 weeks to complete from start to finish, as both sides are decoupaged.  I’ve yet to do a Mr&Mr so if anyone out there is interested by all means get in touch, i’d love to chat to you!”

Like all my other makers friends I asked Lorraine what advice she would give to someone wanting to start up a small business. “Go for it, what do you have to lose?  Don’t get me wrong it can be stressful and hard sometimes, as I also work full time so I fit this round my work and family life, but I enjoy doing it. I started out at the dining room table then moved to the spare room now I’m up the attic as I’m outgrowing everywhere haha.  I’ve built up a good rapport with my customers and a lot of them are repeat customers which i’m very grateful for.  This year I took a leap of faith and opened up my Etsy shop, since January I’ve been doing ok, I’m pleased with how it’s going.  You have to try and stay as original as you can, the market is so saturated with small craft businesses that the competition is fierce at times, so be true to you.  I tend to come up with ideas that I like and enjoy making not so much what I think will sell, maybe this is wrong, I don’t know but it works for me and i’m happy with that.  When it starts becoming a chore then I know that’s when I’m done, when I stop enjoying what i’m doing.  Hopefully that’s not going to happen but you just don’t know.

Lorraine opened up her Esty shop earlier this year, which was a really great move for Lorraine. Its always nice to have your work over more platforms to make yourself more accessible. I asked what ambitions Lorraine had for 2021 and working on her Esty shop was on the list. Like us all Lorraine has big ideas that we can just never find the time for and 2021 might just be a year for that bit of extra time Lorraine needs.

If you want to see more of Lorraine’s makes you can find her on Facebook and Instagram or if you’d like to shop with Lorraine, head over to her Esty and use the link HERE for 15% off!

Enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo


All Images on this post are copyright of Lorra Creations, Hev’s Home Crochet has been given permission to use them for illustrative purposes.

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