Guest Feature

Moonlight Bee Designs

Today we welcome Sarah of Moonlight Bee Designs, all the way from Texas! Sarah is a happily married Mother of four who started crocheting when she was about 11 years old and hasn’t stopped since. This is the kind of dedication to craft I love to see!

As well as crocheting and designing patterns Sarah also creates beautiful ergonomic hooks. This all started in early 2020 when Sarah was actually searching for a hook she liked with nothing catching her eye. I love a cute business start up story like this, how about you?

Recently Moonlight Bee Designs has shared some amazing holiday/Halloween themed hooks over on her Facebook page and I wanted to know if we can expect more holiday themed collections as I’m a sucker for a good old limited edition and the answer was a huge YES! “My shop update is September 6th 2020, for all Halloween themed crochet hooks. I wanted to get these out at least a month before the actual holiday so crocheters could enjoy them for a bit before the next holiday theme is released. “

Sarah seems to have been really busy recently on socials not only making shawls but creating and designing some crochet patterns, my favourite so far being ‘The Lazy Quarantine Pocket Shawl’. I asked Sarah to share the story behind this make.

 I also work from home for another big company and I am at my desk for several hours at a time. This shawl pattern came to mind when I was feeling quite chilly just sitting there working. I was inspired by all the pocket shawl craze happening on social media, but wanted to create a free version for all crocheters to enjoy. I am quite impressed with how fast it worked up and how simple it was to create! You can get that pattern here.”

I also wanted to know if we can expect more crochet patterns soon from Sarah and she replied yes and that she is currently looking for pattern testers for her current make! So if you crochet and you fancy a little challenge head on over to Sarah’s Instagram and check it out.

Like all our other features its time to hear what advice Sarah would give to someone who wanted to start up their own small business. “If I was to give someone advice, I would have to say one word. Patience. It takes time to build up followers and supporters. It does not matter if you spend thousands of dollars on new materials or even special equipment for ads, photos, and such. It all boils down to having patience and building up that trust with customers. A lot of my customers have never even heard of hooks with polymer clay. Going into any new business, do not expect sales to just fall into your lap.”

Finally I asked Sarah what ambitions she had for Moonlight Bee Designs and how she saw her business moving forward. “My ambitions for my small crochet hook company & patterns is to have my work known out in the world. I want crocheters to know that I design ergonomic crochet hooks for comfort. I want crocheters to have a beautiful tool to use when they create their own masterpieces. I want my designs to be created and worn by beautiful people all over. Just seeing these photos of my hooks being used or my patterns being created warms my heart. ” An ambition of my own for 2020 was to put my crochet patterns and love for supporting others out into the world. Its really important to never lose sight of that goal no matter how small. Sarah, you’ve already made your small mark and I cannot wait to see it grow!

If you want to see more of Sarah’s work you can also find her on Facebook and everything she has for sale can be found over on her website, happy Shopping!

As always, enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo


All Images on this post are copyright of Moonlight Bee Designs, Hev’s Home Crochet has been given permission to use them for illustrative purposes.

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