Guest Feature

Clouds and Cocoa

Happy Monday and what better way to kick off our August guest features than with a little bundle of crochet goodness in the form of Becca from Clouds and Cocoa.

A warm welcome to the beautiful 22 year old Becca from Kelowna, Canada. Becca like myself and many more in the crafting community is an introvert, I for one can say crochet has helped me feel like I ‘fit’ in somewhere and helped me to meet people I can honestly say I would have never had the balls to speak to in person! Becca loves to be creative getting involved in most aspects of crafts including painting, drawing and of course, the big one, crochet!

I wanted to know what really inspired Becca to start Clouds and Cocoa, here’s what she said “I was really inspired to start a crochet business last summer after I had made a cute stuffie for an expecting mom we knew. I really loved working with my hands and knowing that what I was creating would be apart of a new baby’s life. Now over a year later, I have a shop up and running. I sell lots of stuffed animals: unicorns, dinosaurs, cows, pretty much any animal that I think would be cute for a baby gift. I sell some pre-made things but mostly specialize in custom orders. Most of the patterns I use are my own and I love being able to take my own patterns but make them personal to my customers.”

Most crafty business stories I’ve heard have never started with someone sitting down and writing a business plan. Becca is no exception and I think’s its amazing, to be able to create an income around a hobby while creating beautiful pieces others admire is just the best feeling. That being said with so many people now doing this and trying to earn a few quid from a hobby it can be hard to find your market without finding your niche.

Finding your niche is all about finding out what works for you, finding your place in that big BIG market world and in turn creating an audience that keep coming back because you’ve got that something special. I wanted to know if Becca had found her niche: “I would say that baby items would be my niche, especially stuffed animals. My siblings and I grew up with stuffed animals that we created complex personalities and worlds for. So many of our days were spent imagining these worlds and I would love to help spark that kind of imagination in kids’ minds. I am always inspired by the stories of Winnie the Pooh and Calvin and Hobbes when I am crocheting these stuffies. To think that something that I create could become a child’s best friend or keepsake simply warms my heart.”

Creating and designing something from nothing can be a mentally draining job in any sector but I’m really exciting to let you know what we can expect from Clouds and Cocoa in the future –

“Right now, I have a teddy bear picnic themed line of teddies bears that should be up in my shop by the time this blog post goes out. I have plans for a farm-themed stuffie line: cow, pig, horse, etc that I am really excited about that will hopefully be coming in September. And otherwise, I guess you can expect this business to grow because I truly value my customers and understand how much impact a stuffed animal can have in someone’s life.”

I don’t know about you but i think these pieces are super cute and if you want to check out more of Becca’s future collections and current makes head on over to her Esty shop HERE to immerse yourself in that crochet goodness.

Just for fun I wanted to know what Becca’s favourite pastime was and I love her response “My favourite pastime is obviously crocheting but I also consider myself to be a bit of an artist. When I can find the time, I like to experiment with pastels, graphite, and acrylics, along with alcohol based markers.”

You can find Becca on Intsagram or Facebook, why not check Becca out and find out what crochet gold she has up her sleeve.

Enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo


All Images on this post are copyright of Clouds and Cocoa , Hev’s Home Crochet has been given permission to use them for illustrative purposes.

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