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It’s time for our first guest feature and I’m so excited to welcome the talented Michelle from Makepeacemade.

Michelle is a married mum of three who’s been crafting for 30 years, yes 30!!!!  She learnt to knit, crochet, sew and embroider at her Nanna’s knee and thoroughly enjoyed all things crafty from a young age. It fell a bit sideways as a teenager but then she picked everything back up again with gusto when she was expecting her first child. After spending a few years solely making things for family and friends she was encouraged by her lovely sister to take the leap to selling her makes. Michelle now create nursery and home decor items, many from her own designs, often working with customers to make sure that the items fit their home perfectly. 

From personal experience I know how hard Michelle works to create a custom order. I had some fabric laying around, sent them off to Michelle and POOF back came an amazing potter themed quilt! I was over the moon and couldn’t stop thanking Michelle, from there a beautiful friendship formed. I get complimented a lot on my quilt and I cannot count the amount of times my Potter loving friends have asked where they can get one. That’s the pleasure in having something handmade and unique, its yours and made only for you.

These days it’s really hard to own a small business but Michelle makes it look easy, with effortless photography and her cheery personality she makes selling her handmade products look easy. I asked Michelle what it was like to own a small business and what advice she would give to other small businesses – “It’s incredibly hard work. I’m working harder than I ever have before in my life but the difference is now I absolutely love it. I get a buzz every time someone makes a purchase, leaves a review or shares a photo of one my makes with me. Some advice would be – don’t be put off if it’s something you want to do. Yes, there are a large number of crafters, artists (insert your own trade here) who can potentially all do what you do BUT they are not you, they do not have your imagination or skill set or, more importantly, personality. There is a wealth of information available to help you get started in business; read, explore, digest and then dip your toe in the water. Just be prepared to work very hard to achieve your dreams.”

Michelle loves to make nursery and home decor and a large part of these makes are crocheted, if you head over to her Insta or Facebook page now you’ll see an amazing collection of animal themed baskets. Michelle says one the her most proudest makes are her animal baskets, “The bunny basket just ‘hopped’ into my head and the rest were born from there. I’m proud that I designed them from scratch and they came out looking as I imagined they might and everyone seems to really like them which makes me so happy.” I absolute love these and even have a bunny basket in my daughters room! I think it’s fair to say that these are one of Michelle’s best selling collections and I for one really want to see more. I asked Michelle if she was going to bring us more and I’m super excited about her reply! “There will most definitely be some more products added to the range. There will be more baskets as a few different animals have been requested and there will also be some other home decor items added to the range – just as soon as I find the time to design and make them!”

Crochet is something that’s dear to my heart and I genuinely feel that my mental health has improved while I’ve been able to express my creative side through crochet so I thought i’d ask Michelle’s thoughts on anyone wanting to learn this skill.

“Crochet is one of the most relaxing pastimes. I’ve heard it described as some sort of witchcraft before now, but really, once you get to grips with the basics you can very quickly move on to creating some absolutely beautiful pieces. Depending on how you like to learn, there are some fantastic YouTube videos online as well as a whole host of books designed to help you get started. There are also ‘knit and natter’ style groups around the world who will often have crocheters involved and many of them will happily help you to get started – head into your local yarn shop and ask them if they know of any local to you. In so far as teaching, it is something that I am currently considering and have been for some time. Once the current global pandemic has settled down and my youngest child has started preschool I am hoping to develop this side of the business further.”

I’m a big believer in sharing or exploring craft and think a crochet workshop or a knit/crochet and natter is great step forward. After soaking up all of Michelle’s proudest moments and advice I feel like a cuppa is needed. If you haven’t quite got your Makepeacemade fix you can head on over Instagram or Facebook to keep updated or have a chat with Michelle or even have a browse in her shop on Etsy or MadeByMums.

Enjoy your cuppa,

Hev xoxo


All Images on this post are copyright of Makepeacemade, Hev’s Home Crochet has been given permission to use them for illustrative purposes.

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