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The Cosy Cwtch

Did you know Cwtch (pronounced kutch) is Welsh for hug?

I’m SO excited to be able to share my first pattern with you all! I’ve been working away on something I thought about in autumn last year. I made the beautiful cushion, posted it on Instagram and its been sitting on my sofa ever since. I logged on to Instagram one day and someone had asked me for the pattern, 6 months later! This lead me down the garden path of pattern designing.

You’ll be thrilled to know this pattern is beginner friendly and 100% FREE here on my blog but if you do wish to support me you can purchase a PDF copy from my Etsy shop HERE

Lets get started!

Materials and Tools

Yarn – 450/500g Stylescraft Special XL Super Chunky in Pale Rose (shade 1080) and 50g in Silver (shade 1203).

10mm Hook

Yarn Needle


Cushion pad or insert (if you are using a different yarn please measure your cushion panels before buying this, mine measured 36x 36 CM (14 x 14 inches) approx).

This pattern is designed to be made using a super chunky yarn and a 10mm hook. If you use a different type of yarn or hook, please be aware that the size of your finished cushion may differ.


This pattern is written in US terminology

Ch- Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Dc – Double Crochet

Fpdc – Front post double crochet

Rep – Repeat

St(s) – Stitches

Slst – Slip Stitch


Using Pale Rose

Create a slip knot and Ch 36

Row 1 – Dc in the 5th Ch from the hook and in every St until the end of the row, Ch 3 and turn [33]

Row 2 – Fpdc in the 2nd St, Dc in the next St, Fpdc in the next two Sts, DC in the next St, follow the last two step until the end of the row, Ch 3 and turn. [33]

Row 3 – DC in the next 2 Sts, 1 Fpdc followed by 2 Dc, Rep until the end of the row, chain 3 and turn. [33]

Rows 4 -24 – Rep rows 2 and 3 until you reach row 24 , work until the end of the row, Ch1 and fasten off. [33]

Rep for a second panel and sew in your ends.

Border – 

Note – Some stitch markers in the corners may be helpful at this point to hold your work together and keep it straight.

Using Silver

Putting the wrong sides together – Insert hook through the corner St of both panels, 2 Sc in the same St then one in each St across. When you reach a corner 3 Sc in the same St to turn the corner and carry on. Insert cushion pad when you have crocheted three sides together. When you reach the last St, Sc and Slst into the first St. Ch 1 to fasten off and sew in your ends.

Why not share your beautiful work on Instagram? Remember to tag me so I can see @hevshomecrochet


Now for the boring bit…

This pattern and images are copyright of Hev’s Home Crochet. You must not sell or reproduce this pattern. You may sell items made from this pattern but must credit Hev’s Home Crochet as the designer.


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